ODP Anaesthetic quiz

Basic level

(Band 5)
  1. Describe the differences between an I-Gel and an LMA.
  2. How many reversals are there for Propofol?
  3. How much Propofol is there in 20 ml of a 2% solution?
  4. Propofol

    What are some (6) of the contraindications? Correct 

  5. What is the difference between a vein and an artery?
  6. A laryngeal mask airway protects against aspiration; True or False?
  7. At mean sea level, oxygen makes up 21% of ambient air; True or False?
  8. At the summit of Mt Everest, oxygen makes up 21% of ambient air; True or False?
  9. Air is a fluid; True or False?
  10. What does B.U.R.P. refer to?
  11. What type of drug (classification) is Propofol?
  12. Propofol causes less respiratory depression than other induction agents; True or False?
  13. During a rapid sequence induction, should different people apply different levels of pressure to the cricoid?
  14. Atropine is one of the emergency paediatric drugs; True or False?
  15. What is the recommended scalpel size for a cricothyrotomy?
  16. What does a MAC number refer to?
  17. What is the meaning of antimuscarinic? Give examples.
  18. Cyanosis is an early indicator of airway obstruction; True or False?
  19. What is a common antagonist for opiates?
  20. An anaesthetic machine receives gas at an absolute pressure of 4 bars; True or False?
  21. A dose of muscle relaxant must be given, prior to insertion of a supra-glottic airway device; True or False?
  22. Dexamethasone is a non steroidal drug; True or False?
  23. What is the purpose of a peripheral nerve stimulator?
  24. Intubation

    Select some (6) of the indicators of successful intubation? Correct 

  25. After receiving a spinal anaesthetic, the patient starts to experience hypotension and bradycardia. What could be the reason, and what is the treatment?
  26. What is a Carina?
  27. What does polarise mean?
  28. What are your duties under COSHH?
  29. How should Metaraminol be prepared?
  30. Does the end tidal level of oxygen effect the timing of intubation?
  31. Explain S.I.
  32. Arterial CO2 decreases as ventilation increases; True or False?
  33. What is the normal range of arterial blood pH?
  34. Do vapourisers have to be turned off before filling?
  35. What is the formula for choosing the size of a paediatric ET tube?
  36. A low level of CO2, in the blood, indicates an acidic condition; True or False?
  37. Pulse oximetry is the best indicator of airway compromise; True or False?
  38. What is the common term to describe paradoxical chest and abdomen movement?
  39. To counter severe hypotension, elevate the legs, tilt the table head down, and administer fluids; True or False?
  40. What is the meaning of the prefix Supra?
  41. Glycopyrrolate

    What are the (6) contraindications? Correct 

  42. What is the mean partial pressure of oxygen, in atmospheric air, at mean sea level, and at standard temperature?
  43. What is the purpose of an Aintree intubation catheter?
  44. MAC is the acronym for Maximum Air Concentration; True or False?
  45. When an intubated patient is being ventilated, the APL valve has no effect; True or False?
  46. What is an HME, and what does it do?
  47. For a given amount of gas, and at a fixed temperature, what is the relationship between pressure and volume?
  48. What is the Vallecula?
  49. For intubation, what is the adult dose for Atracurium?
  50. A large neck circumference is an indicator for difficult intubation; True or False?
  51. With respect to an intubation scenario, what does Plan D refer to?
  52. What does Glottic refer to?
  53. After removal from a fridge, blood must be used within four hours; True or False?
  54. Induction agents can reduce cardiac output; True or False?
  55. Induction agents usually cause an increase in systemic vascular resistance; True or False?
  56. Anaphylaxis

    What are some (9) of the signs? Correct 

  57. After transfusing blood, the giving set should be replaced with a new one; True or False?
  58. Platelets should be stored at room temperature; True or False?
  59. Ketamine is the only sedative which provides analgesia; True or False?
  60. A Hudson mask is an example of a non-rebreathing mask; True or False?
  61. Oxygen is a toxic gas; True or False?
  62. Oxygen can cause fluid to accumulate in the lungs; True or False?
  63. What is the purpose of pre-oxygenation?
  64. What is Fibrinogen?
  65. What effect does Insulin have on glucose?
  66. What does Glucagon do?
  67. Define Stroke Volume
  68. Adrenaline stimulates adrenergic receptors; True or False?
  69. How long should Controlled Drugs administration records be stored?
  70. What is the S.I. unit of force?
  71. What is the 2 bag test?
  72. Blood is a crystalloid; True or False?
  73. A Mapleson E breathing circuit is known as a T-piece; True or False?
  74. A T-piece circuit does not have a reservoir bag; True or False?
  75. How often should the oxygen failure alarm be checked?
  76. What effect has hypothermia on circulation?
  77. What is the weight by volume ratio of normal saline?
  78. Carbon is the most abundant element in the human body; True or False?
  79. What is Sellick's Manouvre?
  80. The Trachea extends from the thyroid cartilage to the Carina; True or False?
  81. Veins and arteries contain 1-way valves; True or False?
  82. What is Pulse Pressure?
  83. What is the recommended cleaning solution for cannula insertion?
  84. Why does a Mapleson C circuit require a flow rate of twice the minute volume?
  85. What is the difference between Cardiac arrest and Heart attack?
  86. What is Sepsis? What are the causes and symptoms?
  87. Define Anticholinesterase.
  88. Give an example of a commonly used Anticholinesterase.
  89. A pulse oximeter measures ventilation; True or false?
  90. Why is 0.9% saline referred to as "Normal"?
  91. Place the adult BLS steps in order (1-7):

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    Refer to the Resuscitation Council Guidelines

Basic level

(Band 5, higher)
  1. Define Pressure.
  2. What is the difference between weight and mass?
  3. Carbon monoxide makes the blood turn red; True or False?
  4. Theatre electrical equipment is supplied by low voltage electricity; True or False?
  5. What is a Newton?
  6. Propofol is a dissociative anaesthetic; True or False?
  7. What is the adult dose for Suxamethonium?
  8. What part does Fibrinogen play in blood clotting?
  9. During resuscitation, what is the dose and dilution for i.v. Adrenaline?
  10. Tissues receive oxygen by the process of perfusion; True or False?
  11. What is the weight:volume ratio of 500 mcg of drug X, in 2 ml saline?
  12. What does Naloxone do?
  13. At rest, what is the adult normal/typical level of expired CO2?
  14. What is a vasopressor? Give examples.
  15. The adult dose of Glycopyrrolate is 0.1 mg, every 2-3 minutes; True or False?
  16. Place the Rapid Sequence Induction steps in order (1-8):

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  17. When testing the anaesthetic machine, with the volume setting at 500 ml, the ventilator delivers a value of 450. Do you accept this value? Give reasons why or why not?
  18. Hypoventilation can cause low levels of CO2 in the blood; True or False?
  19. The alveoli are part of the airway classed as dead space. True or False?
  20. What is a typical i.v. Insulin dose? How is it prepared?
  21. To treat hypotension, elevate the legs, and stop fluid administration; True or False?
  22. Metaraminol and Phenylephrine are vasopressors; True or False?
  23. Spinal anaesthesia causes vasoconstriction; True or False?
  24. Define Ischaemic.
  25. What are the side effects of Morphine?
  26. What is the meaning of anticholinergic?
  27. What are the side effects of an anticholinergic?
  28. Fentanyl is emetogenic; True or False?
  29. Labetalol can be used to treat hypotension; True or False?
  30. During surgery, an obstetric patient, lying prone, can suffer hypotension, due to aorto caval compression; True or False?
  31. What is the meaning of Thrombosis?
  32. Vasoconstriction increases temperature loss; True or False?
  33. What is the function of Tranexamic acid?
  34. Ketamine does not cause respiratory depression; True or False?
  35. Why is an LMA inappropriate for the patient who has been induced with Thiopentone?
  36. Dexamethasone

    Which of the following could be (5) contraindications?   Correct 

  37. Carbon monoxide makes the blood turn red; True or False?
  38. Prior to awake fibre-optic intubation, a patient is given Glycopyrrolate; Why?
  39. During awake fibre-optic intubation, why would the oropharynx be sprayed with Phenylephrine and/or Lidocaine?
  40. During an awake fibre-optic intubation, the ET tube cuff should be inflated before the patient is induced; True or False?
  41. What are the principal functions of blood?
  42. A Mapleson F breathing circuit is a T-piece with the addition of a reservoir bag; True or False?
  43. What is the function of an Oesophageal Doppler probe?
  44. What is the immediate treatment for Anaphylactic shock?
  45. Why is type O blood considered to be universally accepted?
  46. Define Pneumothorax.
  47. What is the formula for the depth (at lips) of insertion of a paediatric ET tube?
  48. Why is Glycopyrolate given with Neostigmine, when reversing neuromuscular blockade?
  49. What types of surgery are classed as clean?
  50. What is meant by Contaminated surgery?
  51. What is the definition of Displacement Volume?
  52. The pressure of O2 in the blood is at a higher pressure than O2 in the alveoli; True or false?
  53. The pressure of CO2 in the blood is at a higher pressure than CO2 in the alveoli; True or false?
  54. What are the Sepsis Six?
  55. What is the definition of Septic Shock?
  56. What are the side-effects of Neostigmine?
  57. What is the difference between the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems?
  58. What are the side effects of Sugammadex?
  59. Resuscitation: it is safe to use an AED on a patient who is lying on a wet surface; True or false?
  60. Which is more likely to induce airway irritation: Isoflurane or Desflurane?
  61. Place the Laryngospasm steps in order (1-8)...

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    Refer to the Resuscitation Council Guidelines
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