Drugs which mimic the effects of the sympathetic nervous system, and used in the treatment of cardiac arrest and hypotension.

Inotropic Sympathomimetics:
DobutamineIncrease cariac muscle contractility, but not rate
Dopamine HydrochlorideAs above
Dopexamine HydrochlorideIncreases renal perfusion

Vasoconstrictor Sympathomimetics:
AgentIncreased BP and other effects
MetaraminolEmergency treatment of hypotension (IV).
Ephedrine HydrochlorideReverses hypotension from epidural or spinal anaesthesia (IV), and raises heart rate. (Methoxamine raises BP without also raising heart rate.)
NoradrenalineTreatment of acute hypotension (IV by central line).
PhenylephrineTreatment of acute hypotension (IM, IV, or subcutaneous).