Patient positioning notes

In the supine position, functional residual capacity and lung capacity are reduced, especially in obese pts.

A change from erect to supine position increases venous return and stroke volume.

This position reduces lung volume.

Ensure there is padding between the knees, and below the lateral aspect of the dependent leg - to prevent damage to the peroneal nerve.

Ensure bony prominences are padded with gel supports.


Ulnar nerve:
The most common injury in anaesthetised patients, often due to being compressed between the posterior aspect of the Medial Epicondyle of the elbow, and the bed or armboard.

Brachial Plexus nerve:
Occurs when the plexus is stretched or compressed.

Common Peroneal nerve:
When the lateral aspect of the knee is compressed against a stirrup.

Saphenous nerve:
When the Medial Tibial Condyle is compressed by leg supports.