Tonic-clonic seizure (aka grand mal)
The classic type of epileptic seizure, consisting of two phases to a tonic-clonic seizure: the tonic phase and the clonic phase. In the tonic phase, the body becomes rigid; in the clonic phase, there is uncontrolled jerking. Tonic-clonic seizures may or may not be preceded by an aura, and are often followed by headache, confusion, and sleep. They may last just a few mere seconds, or continue for several minutes.
If a tonic-clonic seizure does not resolve, or if such seizures follow each other in rapid succession, seek emergency help. The person could be in a life-threatening state known as Status Epilepticus.
Tonic-clonic seizure first aid...
Focal (partial) seizure
When patient is unaware of surroundings. They may pluck at clothes, smack their lips, swallow repeatedly, or wander around.
In this case, protect from danger, and reassure them.