Checking the position of a double Lumen endobronchial tube
Non visual method
  1. Inflate the tracheal cuff
  2. Commence manual ventilation
  3. Verify that air entry is equal on both sides
  4. Ensure there is no leak around the tracheal cuff
  5. Clamp the tracheal side of the adapter
  6. Open the tracheal port - distal to the clamp
  7. Inflate the bronchial cuff
  8. Verify breath sounds can only be heard on endobronchial intubation side
  9. Unclamp the tracheal limb
  10. Close the tracheal port
  11. Clamp the bronchial limb of the adapter
  12. Open the bronchial port to air
  13. Verify that breath sounds can only be heard on the opposite side
  14. Reverse the clamping and open/closed port conditions

Bronchoscopy down the tracheal lumen should reveal the carina, and the top edge of the blue bronchial cuff should be just visible in the left (for right-sided intubation) main stem bronchus.
Right sided tube
A bronchoscope should be used to visualise the orifice of the right upper lobe bronchus.