Blood products
Whole bloodStored @ 4º C. Must be used within 30 minutes.
CryoprecipitateMade by thawing FFP at 4° C, then collecting the formed precipitate. The fraction is then stored at -30° C, with one year shelf life. It is rich in factor VIIIc, Von Willebrand factor, and fibrinogen.
Fresh Frozen PlasmaPrepared from whole units of blood by centrifugation and separation of the plasma within 6 hours of blood donation. A unit of FFP contains 150-300 ml of plasma, stored at -30° C, and has shelf life of one year. Indicated for replacement of coagulation factors when coagulation abnormalities found eg, liver disease. Starting dose is 10-15 ml/kg, and must be group compatible. Standard locally prepared FFP is not virally inactivated, so not as safe as saline, gelatin, or human albumin solutions.
Human Albumen SolutionsSterilized by filtration and heat. No known instances of viral transmission. HAS 4.5% is used as a plasma expander, and HAS 20% for hypoproteinaemic patients. HAS products are no more effective than cheaper colloid and crystalloid products.
PlateletsStored at 22° C in plastic bags to permit gas exchange, and kept moving in an agitator. Shelf life is 3-5 days. For patients with acute leukaemia or undergoing bone marrow transplantation.
Red Blood CellsAvailable in various volumes and concentrations.