Aintree Intubation Catheter (AIC)
An adaption of the Cooks Airway Exchange Catheter, 56cm long, and with a larger internal diameter of 4.8mm, allowing it to be pre-loaded onto a 4mm fibreoptic intubating bronchoscope, with the directable distal tip (3cm) left exposed. The external diameter of 6.5mm allows ET (endotracheal) tubes, with minimum internal diameter of 7mm, to be loaded onto the catheter. The Aintree system allows intubation via an LMA (or Proseal):
Ventilation with the Aintree Intubation Catheter (AIC)...
The Aintree system can be used to ventilate the patient, by fitting a 15 mm Rapifit connector onto the proximal end of the catheter, to which an Ambu bag may be attached. (The other connector is for jet ventilation)

ETT intubation through LMA...
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